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SAVE is an art-science laboratory, investigating chemical, physical, biological knowledge in the context of artistic understanding. It is a space for work with living, digital, technological; for investigation of new meanings of reality; platform for collaboration of artists and scientists.

The laboratory is located in the basement of Moscow State University's Department of Chemistry. In the past it was a bomb shelters labyrinths. It was a place saving people from war and disasters.



Exhibition activities: 

South Russian Biennale of Contemporary Art. Rostov-on-Don 2010/ 

Nord Art 2010. International Exhibition and Symposium. Germany 2010/ 

PRO&CONTRA. International Symposium. Winners of HYBRID MEDIA section. Moscow. 2011/ 

SCIENCE-ART 2012. Central House of Artist. Moscow. 2012/ 

Sphaerae. Amsterdam. 2013/ 

ROSSIYA DELAET SAMA (RDS). Permanent exhibition of the Polytechnic Museum. VDNH. Moscow. 2014/ 

BLACK2: Malevich, Science, Art. Graund gallery. Moscow. 2015/ 



Permanent residents of the lab: 

Edward Rakhmanov - scientist, chemist   

Julia Borovaya - artist


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